Roy Lichtenstein


American artist Roy Lichtenstein created many of the most famous examples of Pop Art. He used old-fashioned comic strips as subject matter, with bold color, hard lines and ironic expression.

Lichtenstein was born in New York City in 1923. He grew up in an upper-middle class family. He was sent to World War II in 1943 and spent three years in the army. He returned to Ohio to study Fine Arts, where he got a master’s degree and began teaching art. Lichtenstein moved back to New York in 1951 where he continued to teach and create art. In 1961, he began using comic-strip images in his work and created the first examples of his famous pop-art style.

His works incorporate bold primary colors, thickly outlined in black. Rather than shading, he used dots to create different tones. This is called the Ben-Day dots method.

Lichtenstein became very famous during his lifetime. In total, there are believed to be about 4,500 Lichtenstein works in circulation.

Roy Lichtenstein died of pneumonia in 1997 but his works continue to make him one of the most influential American artists of all time.


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