David Hockney

Born on July 9, 1937 in Bradford, England, he was seen as a bit of an eccentric in his home town. At just sixteen, he attended the College of Art and began painting with oils, which became his medium of choice for most of his life. He went to the Royal College in London to study panting at the age of nineteen. While there, he began to understand his own sexuality; he was homosexual. In addition to painting, Hockney also did draughting, printmaking, photography and design.

Although he himself did not consider himself a Pop Artist, he gained a reputation as one and contributed to the genre. His magazine style images jump-started the movement in Britain along with Richard Hamilton. He was also very interested in using print and fax mediums with his art. Yet, when he moved to California his work became more "weighty" and naturalistic. He became quite well known for his portraits and his "joiners"; a succession of rapid polaroid photos taken and then assembled into a collage afterward.

David Hockney is still around and exhibiting.


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